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More from the "girls do it, too" category:
Wed Oct 25, 2017 8:39am

From the Tokyo powermetal band Unlucky Morpheus, a decidedly non-metal live acoustic number that features both Fuki's incredible voice and new addition Jill's delightful violin: This really is just lovely...

  • How about this, Ken?Mondo Fuego™, Wed Oct 25 4:28am
    Ain' she gawjus? Bad-Ass: Awesome:... more
    • More from the "girls do it, too" category: — Poppet, Wed Oct 25 8:39am
      • Awesome!Mondo Fuego™ , Wed Oct 25 1:48pm
        Thanks for opening my ears to a whole 'nother 'nother world. These "girls" are very talented. Will watch/listen to more.
        • Glad you liked it!Poppet, Wed Oct 25 8:50pm
          I'm a pretty huge fan of Fuki (Fuyuki Tenge), the vocalist. She's the lead singer for Doll$Boxx, who may well be my rock band of the decade , along with Unlucky Morpheus, her solo stuff, and other... more
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