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Your position is crazy. "Experts" in the "Social Sciences"
Wed Oct 25, 2017 2:56pm

have been wrong more often than they have been right.

When an "expert" in the "Social Sciences" tells me that there are more than TWO genders, I tell you that this person needs a trip to a padded cell. He might as well tell me that the Earth is a CUBE.


  • Underneath Your Posts...Amadeus, Wed Oct 25 2:06pm
    ...there is such fear and loathing. It breathes in the spaces between the words. When an expert tells you something that does not align with what you have believed, you do yourself an injustice by... more
    • Your position is crazy. "Experts" in the "Social Sciences" — DFM, Wed Oct 25 2:56pm
      • Don't Forget...Amadeus, Wed Oct 25 9:15pm
        ...that the understanding of gender as much more of a spectrum than a binary is supported by biologists as well as social scientists. Nobody is telling you that the Earth is cube. Amadeus
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