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There are two genders: male/female but every individual is
Wed Oct 25, 2017 4:51pm

unique. Some males might think they are female like some people are paranoid. These are mental problems that need treatment by shrinks so they can get their minds straight. If they don't suicide might result.

  • And one hell of a lot of science.Poppet, Wed Oct 25 3:20pm
    Social gender is an old topic, and one which has been painstakingly researched. It doesn't always match up with biological gender (although such cases are rather rare). A huge list of... more
    • "the zillions of nuanced gender-differentiated behaviors humans exhibit" certainly exist. However, attaching sex (gender) to them is preposterous unless they are part of the reproductive process. Art ... more
      • For better or worse, humans derive a portion of their gender identity from environmental influences. Many of those influences lie in our activities, many of which are, as you point out, associated... more
    • There are two genders: male/female but every individual is — jb, Wed Oct 25 4:51pm
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