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There are many varieties of human behavior.
Wed Oct 25, 2017 7:57pm

"the zillions of nuanced gender-differentiated behaviors humans exhibit" certainly exist. However, attaching sex (gender) to them is preposterous unless they are part of the reproductive process.

Art & music are considered "feminine" whereas mechanical ability if considered "masculine". The fact that a man is an artist does not render him feminine in any way.

There is a human tendency to dichotomize things. This has been going on since the beginning of time. The Sun and its associated deities are usually considered masculine, whereas the Moon and its associated gods are usually considered feminine. French has taken this to an extreme with its linguistic gender, but that is purely arbitrary except when there is a real basis for it. French is among many languages that have gender for nouns because these things were once thought or considered to be "masculine" or "feminine". What we have in society are many behaviors that are vaguely related to sex in the sense that artists are more often women than men (if that is true, which I am not certain).

The fundamental error is associating the plethora of items with sex (gender) in the first place. Consider French:

la chaise = chair is feminine
le crayon = pencil is masculine
le livre = book is masculine
la semaine = week is feminine
le mois = month is masculine
...... and so forth .......

My point here is that none of these items has any objective connection with sex, but the gender is arbitrarily attached to each.

Sure, there ARE objects with real gender
le coq = rooster is truly masculine
la poule = hen is truly feminine
la vache = cow is truly feminine
le taureau = bull is truly masculine

There are also plants with separate sexes. But, outside of the world of biology, gender is meaningless and associations are conventional and arbitrary, and generally stupid as well.

At parties, most men talk among themselves about sports, whereas I hang around with the women and discuss children and family. Does that make me "feminine"? Hell no. I just don't give a damn about sports. I am proud of the fact that whenever I was home and the need arose, I diapered our children. Many men refuse to do this. I did it because it was a chance for emotional intimacy with our children. I do not have any homosexual inclinations (that I know about) and I was masculine enough to sire three children. The associations between interests, behavior, etc and gender may have some statistical relationship, but that does not make the association anything other than statistical.

Different genders have, statistically speaking, different activities and interests. So what? It would be a miracle if boys and girls had identical levels of interests in model cars and dolls. What is going here is the silly attempt to dichotomize interests and behaviors into gender. I say phooey.

The children are the great losers in the gender wars. Children (and adults) are being physically mutilated to try to force diverse personalities and activities into gender buckets. This is cruel, brutal, and should cease. Let children be children. If a boy likes to cook, let him cook. I have two nephews who love cooking and both got jobs in commercial kitchens. They are not feminine, but they ARE very good cooks. Both are heterosexuals. If a girl likes machinery, let her play with mechanical-type toys. I have met some fine female mechanics. Let boys be boys and girls be girls. Stop trying to cram them into pigeonholes.

To put it baldly, I believe that gender = sex and that association of gender with other things is spurious, absurd, wrong, and dysfunctional.


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