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You weren't there, you don't know what went on with Johnson
Wed Oct 25, 2017 8:03pm

My intuition tells me the following:

4 soldiers killed in Niger. We have heard from the families of 2 of the soldiers.

Myeshia Johnson, the wife of the black soldier, uses a black congresswoman (Frederica "Rick Star" Wilson) to besmirch Trump for making a call of condolence.

Michelle Black, the wife of a white soldier, is grateful that Trump reached out to her.

Here's what I envision how things went.

Trump calls Johnson. Wilson wants to listen in and suggests putting it on the speakerphone, when in fact it was none of Wilson's business. Johnson is emotional, which is understandable under the situation, and she probably begins to go off on Trump because she feels something has been taken away from her and someone owes her something (a common theme prevalent among activist black people). The situation becomes awkward for Trump. No matter what Trump says, it is taken the wrong way, and things just go from bad to worse. I'm sure Trump said something like "La David died honorably in the service of his country, doing something he loved doing", which was purposely mis-interpreted by Wilson as "well, he know what he was in for". Count on a hostile black democrat woman to employ aggravation, re-phrase the discourse, and seize a political opportunity to badmouth Trump. Then, count on the leftwing media to magnify the intensity of the situation and propagate fake news worldwide.

Then, count on some snowflake barker like HaemmaerDaeus to run all over the place and post a flowchart depicting the supposed sequence of events as portrayed by the scumbag tabloid Washington Post, insinuating that the incident was to be likened to Obama's and Clinton's willful disregard for the safety and rescue of the 4 Americans who died in Benghazi and their subsequent blatant lies about some video:;article=627246;title=Civilized%20Personal%20Discussion;article=1595610;title=Religion%20and%20Ethics%20BBS

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