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All of those excellent examples reinforce my point.
Wed Oct 25, 2017 8:39pm

For better or worse, humans derive a portion of their gender identity from environmental influences. Many of those influences lie in our activities, many of which are, as you point out, associated with (biological) gender. As you also point out, those associations are pretty spurious, but that doesn't seem to stop them from having a big effect, psychologically. Language is indeed a big contributor to this it always is, really.

The majority of H. sapiens, even when interested in activities commonly (and spuriously) assigned a gender, don't experience having those interests alter our own internal gender identification. I'm quite immersed the typically male-identified passion for fast cars and motorcycles. I also have a mile-wide competitive streak (as evidenced by years of pretty high-level cycling competition). That's considered (falsely) to be more of a male trait. There are some other aspects of "guy thinking" in my psychological makeup. But I'm a girl.

Not everyone with a fairly strong set of traits that are considered "cross-gender" thinks like me, though. It appears a small but not insignificant minority of humans do end up having their environment (experience, context...whatever you care to call it) override their biological gender in terms of their internal gender identification. There have, it seems pretty certain, always been such transgendered people.

Only recently has their situation been considered as something other than a mental illness...and I'm fine with that change. Their gender identification is not innately harmful to others. There are some legitimate issues with how society should (and should not) accommodate transgender people, but their view of their own gender doesn't, in and of itself, cause harm to others. If the transgender person is comfortable with their social gender identification (and if they're not, then they shouldn't be discouraged from seeking psychiatric care), it's no one else's business.

There are lots of larger questions still to be solved (such as one area dear to my heart, the place - if any - of transgender women in women's athletics), but I don't see a return to the previous status quo of treating all transgender persons as mentally ill as desirable.

Bit of a cursory treatment here...I'm watching soccer. Sports! I must be a guy, right? =P

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    • All of those excellent examples reinforce my point. — Poppet, Wed Oct 25 8:39pm
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