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Glad you liked it!
Wed Oct 25, 2017 8:50pm

I'm a pretty huge fan of Fuki (Fuyuki Tenge), the vocalist. She's the lead singer for Doll$Boxx, who may well be my rock band of the decade, along with Unlucky Morpheus, her solo stuff, and other projects, including her former band Light Bringer (outstsanding prog-metal band)...busy girl! Powerful, superbly accurate voice, which works equally well in metal as it does in the track I posted...or in Doll$Boxx's somewhat hyperkinetic heavy prog-pop. Honest, passionate stage presence (with neither coarse ass-shaking nor contrived choreography), too.

Jill is a new addition, and I wasn't previously familiar with her previous (and I think ongoing in both cases...Japanese musicians seem to love being in multiple projects) bands. Obviously has some proper training and real talent! I'm going to work up the violin part in Imagimak. Not beyond me, technically, although it'll take a proper effort to learn it right...and unlike Jill, I'm not as expressive a player. But it'll be fun!

  • Awesome!Mondo Fuego™ , Wed Oct 25 1:48pm
    Thanks for opening my ears to a whole 'nother 'nother world. These "girls" are very talented. Will watch/listen to more.
    • Glad you liked it! — Poppet, Wed Oct 25 8:50pm
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