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Jesus Campos went to Mexico
Thu Oct 26, 2017 2:33am

one week after the biggest mass shooting in US history. He is the only "witness" to this alledged shooter Paddock. Tucker Carlson of FOX TV, just reported this astounding information along with facts that defy believability in the official conspiracy theory. Campos is not a registered security guard in Nevada nor anywhere else. He alledged returned from Mexico in a different vehicle than he drove there. This with a "leg wound." Just who the hell did Ellen Degeneris interview? It's obvious the person she led through a five minute fraud is NOT the same individual who was give an award for "heroism." Was the original Jesus actually a hit man who offed Patsy paddock before or after the commencement of the massacre by multiple shooters? It's obvious the "assassin's lair" was a stage set, with a badly blown away Paddock lying there with more than one visible clue it was a set up. Attached is a link to an article and a video included featuring Tucker Carlson's astounding report.

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