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You've forgotten something.
Thu Oct 26, 2017 7:41am (XFF:

If you believe the Judeo/Christian/Islamic religions, then you think that at one time, god decided that MORE was needed than just his "holy spirit and his work among many generations and the 'cloud of witnesses' throughout history".

At one time, the Judeo/Christian/Islamic god decided that his creation needed his WRITTEN WORD. He was going to give his creation a tangible, hold-able, readable document, conveying to his people his word.

And how did he decide to DO that? Maybe by miraculously giving mankind an indelible permanent impossible document, written in languages that ALL MEN would be able to read, and deliver it to ALL PEOPLE around the world?

No. He "inspired" some scribes in a backwater desert region of the Middle East to scribble some words on biodegradable parchments, in only one language, that he knew was destined to die out, making future accurate translations nearly impossible, ensuring that his word would become jumbled, lost, mistranslated, interpreted a hundred different ways, edited, some parts accepted into the bible and other excluded.....

Why would an all-powerful god have DONE that?

I realize that your religious beliefs won't allow you to answer that question honestly. Probably a "we can never understand god's ways" response is in order.

But I have no problem answering that question.

It's because there IS no god, and the texts were NOT "inspired", and were instead written by men, without any supernatural intervention. They are completely man-made.

  • You forgot something, something big:shadow, Thu Oct 26 7:29am
    God's Holy Spirit and His work among many generations, the 'cloud of witnesses' throughout history. It is no one thing. We have a triune God with triune attributes and a history supporting His Word.... more
    • You've forgotten something. — SES, Thu Oct 26 7:41am
      • For startersshadow, Thu Oct 26 8:19am
        you cannot prove a negative. For starters that area of the Middle East was part of the center of the world at that time. The fact that what seems impossible to you still endures, the Word of God,... more
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