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For starters
Thu Oct 26, 2017 8:19am

you cannot prove a negative.

For starters that area of the Middle East was part of
the center of the world at that time.

The fact that what seems impossible to you still
endures, the Word of God, sends a different message
to a large part of the world than it does to you.

Your refusal to believe - based on your clumsy
criteria - is no excuse.

He is God; he can do whatever He wants, whenever
He wants, however He wants, and your opinion really
doesn't matter.

You choose not to be included among the people
of God, yet you cannot refrain from attacking
them. You cannot see what a large message that
sends. Maybe you don't know. You and the devil
are at war with God. Guess who has already won
that war? The battles continue, but the war
was won more than 2,000 years ago.

Your vehement denials make no difference whatsoever.

  • You've forgotten something.SES, Thu Oct 26 7:41am
    If you believe the Judeo/Christian/Islamic religions, then you think that at one time, god decided that MORE was needed than just his "holy spirit and his work among many generations and the 'cloud... more
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