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For starters....
Thu Oct 26, 2017 9:24am (XFF:

1. "That area of the Middle East was part of the center of the world at that time."

What difference does that make? Why would god only "choose" people in one tiny part of the globe to be "his" people? What about all of the millions and millions of people living elsewhere around the world? Why wouldn't he also want to give all of THEM his "word"?

Sorry. That answer doesn't work.

2. "The fact that what seems impossible to you still endures, the Word of God, sends a different message to a large part of the world than it does to you."

It also sends a different message to true believers, as evidenced by all of the various religions and interpretations and denominations and atrocities committed by it's perceived commands ever since this "perfect word" was provided to mankind. That is definitive proof that the method of conveying "his word" indicates extreme incompetence.

3. Your refusal to believe - based on your clumsy criteria - is no excuse.

I don't "refuse to believe". The evidence of a god is insufficient to ALLOW ME to believe. In fact, the evidence AGAINST the existence of the Judeo/Christian/Islamic god is FAR more convincing than the evidence FOR it.

4. He is God; he can do whatever He wants, whenever He wants, however He wants, and your opinion really doesn't matter.

That was the response I was expecting from Bauer. When maneuvered into an inescapable corner with logic, use the "He's god and does whatever he wants" Get Out of Jail Free Card.

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