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Here's why my mind is open, and yours is closed.
Thu Oct 26, 2017 9:31am (XFF:

If someone provided me with sufficient proof of the existence of god or god(s), then I would believe. I'm open to that. Show me evidence sufficient to convince me, and I'll believe.

[ I was gonna complete that thought by saying that you could never do that in the reverse -- be convinced by sufficient evidence that your god did NOT exist. But based on your past history here, I think you could be convinced of almost ANYTHING. You might morph your beliefs into some kind of amalgam of what you believe NOW and what you had been convinced to believe. But anyway... ]

I think if you were shown incontrovertible convincing evidence that god(s) do NOT exist, your mind would be closed to that idea. You would explain that evidence away, trying desperately to fool yourself into believing that you sill believed.

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