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You never say anything. That's part of the problem.
Thu Oct 26, 2017 9:38am (XFF:

The Exodus story makes numerous claims:

- Moses brought a series of plagues to Egypt
- Pharaoh was convinced early on to let the Jews go, but god hardened his heart so that Moses could show off a little and bring some more plagues
- Pharaoh was finally allowed to let the Jews go, and some 3,000,000 Jews left Egypt and headed east
- Moses parted the sea, allowing his people to cross, then closed the sea, destroying Pharaoh's army
- Moses brought forth water from a rock by hitting it with a stick
- god provided food, manna, from heaven to feed his chosen people
- Moses went up on a mountain and came down 40 days later with 10 commandments etched in stone
- While he was on the mountain his people got impatient and created their own idol to worship
- Those 3,000,000 people wandered in a desert about the size of West Virginia for 40 years

What parts of that story literally happened, which parts didn't, and how do you know?

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