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Even If Any of That Were True, Fact Remains
Thu Oct 26, 2017 10:12am

The burden is on the president to respond appropriately to the Gold Star family,

and if there is any concern that the president compounded their pain,

then the president’s response should be simple: “I’m sorry. That’s the last thing I wanted to do."

  • Again, you are all hat and no cattleMondo Fuego™, Thu Oct 26 9:59am
    You don't know what happened. Two black women, one an emotional wreck, the other a Trump-hating self-described "rock star" maverick seeking 15 minutes of fame, in a racially-charged atmosphere.... more
    • Even If Any of That Were True, Fact Remains — Merlin, Thu Oct 26 10:12am
      • Again, you don't know what has been done.Mondo Fuego™ , Thu Oct 26 10:39am
        You are not privy to everything Trump does ... neither is the fake news ... that's why they manufacture fake news. 'nuf said.
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