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Re: Evidence that the Judeo/Christian Islamic god doesn't exist:
Thu Oct 26, 2017 12:16pm (XFF:

1. How do you know that?

I know that an all-powerful god would not try to communicate his word in that way because IT HASN'T WORKED! If it had WORKED, no one would now doubt that it was god's word. That means he's either incompetent (which, if he exists, he CAN'T be) or HE DOES NOT EXIST! and the texts are just man-made.

2. I can't argue with you.

3. I can't know why would do or not do what he did or didn't do. Why do you worry about that?

Why should anyone "worry" about whether or not jesus was REALLY the messiah or the son of god? You don't think that's a PIVOTAL topic for BILLIONS of people? If he was the son of god he would have known the Exodus never happened. He didn't. That means he wasn't the son of god OR a messiah.

4. No, that does not follow. Maybe the miracles didn't literally happen.

That doesn't matter. The fact remains that the Jews CREATED A NEW gOD during the Exodus. Which is evidence that they probably also created THE god.

5. I explained that before. I don't the origins but I suspect they come from Attributes of God, family members, man made gods and heroes and who knows what. I never think about those things.

You never think about where god(s) come from? You admit that some are man-made, but can't get yourself to understand that they are probably, likely ALL man-made?

6. That is too vulgar and insulting for me to discuss.

I agree. The whole concept of the Jewish god IS vulgar.

Here. I'll reword it:

Evidence #6) The whole concept of the religion is absurd. A god created the Earth and then man, and then tempted the man, knowing that the man would fall victim to the temptation, thereby becoming a sinner. Then when god decided to forgive man his sins, instead of just SHAZAM!!! forgiving him, god decides that a better way of doing it would be to cause a virgin to become pregnant, have her give birth to himself as his own son, have him live for 30 years, not doing anything that whole time to redeem or save anyone, and then have himself crucified -- as if that was an incredible sacrifice, knowing all the while that he was going to be resurrected into heaven anyway. Absurd.

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