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We cannot afford to lock up all the Welfare Bums, BUT
Thu Oct 26, 2017 4:45pm

we can afford to pay them each to be surgically sterilized.

It costs tens of thousands a year to keep a bum in prison.

For a single, one-time payment of $10,000, most of these bums would permit themselves to be sterilized. If $10,000 is not enough, pay them $100,000. It is MUCH cheaper than paying for a lifetime on welfare, which is a million bucks, at least.


  • No,Shadow, Thu Oct 26 3:26pm
    No, we just need to lock up the ones who give us uneducated non_productive, drug taking, promiscuous drags on society. How does that sound because it assumes the same kind of authority you would like ... more
    • wow didn't expect that response.Trish, Thu Oct 26 5:09pm
      I ask you - if we require adoptive parents to go thru lengthy and often difficult back ground checks, pay mightily for adoption etc. how is that different? We are trying to insure the family is... more
    • We cannot afford to lock up all the Welfare Bums, BUT — DFM, Thu Oct 26 4:45pm
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