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wow didn't expect that response.
Thu Oct 26, 2017 5:09pm

I ask you - if we require adoptive parents to go thru lengthy and often difficult back ground checks, pay mightily for adoption etc. how is that different? We are trying to insure the family is suitable to child rearing not only emotionally but financially etc. Yet anyone can get pregnant and bring a child into this world without any regulation or oversite. Read the news about abuse, neglect etc. among "natural" parents. Is that acceptable? How do we protect children BEFORE this happens?

BTW I was not looking to "have authority" over anyone - it is something I was pondering and wanted to see what other's think.

I must ask if this hands-off policy applies to your religion. If not... we have a problem, Houston

  • No,Shadow, Thu Oct 26 3:26pm
    No, we just need to lock up the ones who give us uneducated non_productive, drug taking, promiscuous drags on society. How does that sound because it assumes the same kind of authority you would like ... more
    • wow didn't expect that response. — Trish, Thu Oct 26 5:09pm
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