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If it's unconstitutional to forbid abort babies it's unconst
Fri Oct 27, 2017 8:59am

ITUTIONAL to forbid having children,

  • We need to start licensing child birthTrish, Thu Oct 26 2:48pm
    The more I read the more I realize that there are a LOT of breeders who have no functional clue how to take care of a child. Hell, we have to have a license to drive a car, but not to have a child... more
    • If it's unconstitutional to forbid abort babies it's unconst — jb, Fri Oct 27 8:59am
    • You gon'na start a race riot for sureMondo Fuego™ , Fri Oct 27 12:16am
      According to some statistics I heard today, 70% of black children are born out of wedlock. They gon'na think whitey is out to get them. Hard to get them to even register to vote. They think whitey is ... more
      • Probably - honestlyTrish, Fri Oct 27 5:21am
        I wrote this post out of utter frustration from reading the news and the number of truly horrible neglect cases like the parents who had not bathed their child in days, left him in the bouncy chair... more
    • no license or regulations. I think the right to procreate is a basic human right. Maybe we should stop giving tax subsidies to people who decide to have kids. That might discourage some poor or... more
    • I Lean Toward The Carrot In This Arena...Amadeus, Thu Oct 26 9:08pm
      Make education available, free, and reward those who participate in it. Give people every encouragement to do the right thing. Help them do the right thing. Amadeus
      • And Of Course, For Those Who Are A Bit Slow...Amadeus, Fri Oct 27 8:04am "education," I mean education about pregnancy, childbirth, caring for an infant, and raising a child. Having free classes on those things available and encouraging/rewarding people for using... more
        • And for the retard above ...Mondo Fuego™ , Fri Oct 27 12:17pm
          ... they are already teaching sex education in schools and passing out condoms. Some people don't care to learn ... they just want to do it in the back seat of a Ford ... que sera sera . You sure are ... more
    • No thank youEnnui, Thu Oct 26 4:04pm
      I understand what you are saying but this has the danger of entering the realm of social engineering. Who would be trustworthy enough to be the licensing agency? Surely NOT the government! Who gets... more
      • Definitely some tough questions...Sprout, Fri Oct 27 5:35am
        IMO there are a lot of subjective standards that COULD be badly applied. But I think that there ARE some objective standards that possibly SHOULD be applied. I'll touch on a few of our comments and... more
        • Sorry about the slow responseEnnui, Sat Oct 28 8:40am
          I have house guests this weekend and planned activities with them. This may not be the best time to respond to you, as I am essentially posting and running, but I don't want to be rude and ignore... more
          • when we, as a society, have already decided that we are going to PAY the costs of bad decisions, I am willing to acknowledge that authority comes with that responsibility. IMO if you can be held 100% ... more
            • In our society, for some strange reason,Ennui, Mon Oct 30 8:42am
              responsibility of the individual's decision and subsequent actions has been shifted to a plethora of what I consider to be 'acceptable' excuses. There is always someone, something, or some... more
              • ooopsEnnui, Mon Oct 30 8:48am
                it is my personal belief that it is the limited individual who can not love and care for a child that is not biologically born to them with the same depth than a child that is. ..... that should have ... more
          • typoEnnui, Sat Oct 28 8:42am
            or that they are have no intention of behaving in a responsible manner That should have been 'irresponsible'.
    • No,Shadow, Thu Oct 26 3:26pm
      No, we just need to lock up the ones who give us uneducated non_productive, drug taking, promiscuous drags on society. How does that sound because it assumes the same kind of authority you would like ... more
      • wow didn't expect that response.Trish, Thu Oct 26 5:09pm
        I ask you - if we require adoptive parents to go thru lengthy and often difficult back ground checks, pay mightily for adoption etc. how is that different? We are trying to insure the family is... more
      • we can afford to pay them each to be surgically sterilized. It costs tens of thousands a year to keep a bum in prison. For a single, one-time payment of $10,000, most of these bums would permit... more
    • What would happen would be that the government, in its infinite incompetence, would license the wrong people . The welfare bum class would grow and the working class would shrink into oblivion.... more
      • you are likely rightTrish, Thu Oct 26 5:14pm
        considering the incompetence I see in CPS. I will tell you a true story. A friend of mine had a very active toddler who climbed out of his crib regularly. One day when they went to pick him up, they... more
    • What are the penalties?Jeeves, Thu Oct 26 3:08pm
      You know people will have unlicensed babies. What happens then?
      • I would say that the answer is to developSprout, Fri Oct 27 6:12am
        effective reversible sterilization that can be put in place at puberty. Probably done with the same enforcement protocols as many states have for immunizations. A requirement to attend legally... more
        • Conservative heads would explodeJeeves, Fri Oct 27 7:15am
          " I would say that the answer is to develop effective reversible sterilization that can be put in place at puberty " Conservatives had fits over giving the HPV vaccine to unmarried girls because it... more
          • And liberals heads would explode...Sprout, Fri Oct 27 8:45am
            when they realize it puts the responsibility on the FEMALE....
            • since a male contraceptive is likellyTrish, Sat Oct 28 6:09am
              your post is silly. Actually it's very misogynistic. If a dude doesn't want a child he should keep it in his pants or use a condom. Two people; both responsible for their bodily functions.
              • I agree (nm)jb, Sun Oct 29 4:53pm
              • Boom!Sprout, Sat Oct 28 8:20am
                My point made... Apparently biology is misogynistic. Gotta take that up with whichever deity you prefer.
                • .You make no senseTrish, Sat Oct 28 1:03pm
                  to say that the responsibility for pregnnancy lies ONLY in a woman's hands is simply BS
                  • Her body, her choice right?Sprout, Sun Oct 29 6:14am
                    If you want him to have responsibility for her body, you give him authority over it in equal measure.
                    • that is what a condom is fortrish, Sun Oct 29 11:22am
                      or he could walk away and NOT initiate anything. Takes 2 to tango.
                      • So.. shared responsibility, but no sharing Sprout, Sun Oct 29 1:07pm
                        of authority... Not going to happen.
                        • If I may jump in here with a thoughtEnnui, Mon Oct 30 9:16am
                          The problem, as I see it, is that in our drive to try to make things equal across the board, there just may be situations where we can not achieve that goal. Yes - if the goose and gander share equal ... more
                          • I agree.Sprout, Mon Oct 30 10:53am
                            Biology is key. But if biology does not allow truly equal authority, then it should not result in equal responsibility.
                            • Re: I agree.Ennui, Mon Oct 30 12:57pm
                              But if biology does not allow truly equal authority, then it should not result in equal responsibility. .... And that is where the problem lies. Both parents, who are responsible and decent and love... more
                        • what kind of "authority"Trish, Mon Oct 30 8:22am
                          do you suggest
                          • Equal authority if there is to be equalSprout, Mon Oct 30 10:51am
                            responsibility... Whichever party retains greater authority over a given decision must retain greater responsibility for the costs of that decision. And this applies to EACH decision. Not just the... more
            • What?Jeeves, Fri Oct 27 9:20am
              Responsibility for what?
              • It's about biology...Sprout, Fri Oct 27 12:26pm
                Who gets sterilized? Females. Because sterilizing both is overkill, but it still needs to be done in the manner designed to result in MINIMAL unintended pregnancies. And one unintentionally fertile... more
      • It just won't work.DFM, Thu Oct 26 3:25pm
        Nobody will enforce the penalties. If such licensing were started, the worst segment of society would get the licenses. DFM
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