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since a male contraceptive is likelly
Sat Oct 28, 2017 6:09am

your post is silly. Actually it's very misogynistic. If a dude doesn't want a child he should keep it in his pants or use a condom. Two people; both responsible for their bodily functions.

  • And liberals heads would explode...Sprout, Fri Oct 27 8:45am
    when they realize it puts the responsibility on the FEMALE....
    • since a male contraceptive is likelly — Trish, Sat Oct 28 6:09am
      • I agree (nm)jb, Sun Oct 29 4:53pm
      • Boom!Sprout, Sat Oct 28 8:20am
        My point made... Apparently biology is misogynistic. Gotta take that up with whichever deity you prefer.
        • .You make no senseTrish, Sat Oct 28 1:03pm
          to say that the responsibility for pregnnancy lies ONLY in a woman's hands is simply BS
          • Her body, her choice right?Sprout, Sun Oct 29 6:14am
            If you want him to have responsibility for her body, you give him authority over it in equal measure.
            • that is what a condom is fortrish, Sun Oct 29 11:22am
              or he could walk away and NOT initiate anything. Takes 2 to tango.
              • So.. shared responsibility, but no sharing Sprout, Sun Oct 29 1:07pm
                of authority... Not going to happen.
                • If I may jump in here with a thoughtEnnui, Mon Oct 30 9:16am
                  The problem, as I see it, is that in our drive to try to make things equal across the board, there just may be situations where we can not achieve that goal. Yes - if the goose and gander share equal ... more
                  • I agree.Sprout, Mon Oct 30 10:53am
                    Biology is key. But if biology does not allow truly equal authority, then it should not result in equal responsibility.
                    • Re: I agree.Ennui, Mon Oct 30 12:57pm
                      But if biology does not allow truly equal authority, then it should not result in equal responsibility. .... And that is where the problem lies. Both parents, who are responsible and decent and love... more
                • what kind of "authority"Trish, Mon Oct 30 8:22am
                  do you suggest
                  • Equal authority if there is to be equalSprout, Mon Oct 30 10:51am
                    responsibility... Whichever party retains greater authority over a given decision must retain greater responsibility for the costs of that decision. And this applies to EACH decision. Not just the... more
    • What?Jeeves, Fri Oct 27 9:20am
      Responsibility for what?
      • It's about biology...Sprout, Fri Oct 27 12:26pm
        Who gets sterilized? Females. Because sterilizing both is overkill, but it still needs to be done in the manner designed to result in MINIMAL unintended pregnancies. And one unintentionally fertile... more
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