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Sorry about the slow response
Sat Oct 28, 2017 8:40am

I have house guests this weekend and planned activities with them. This may not be the best time to respond to you, as I am essentially posting and running, but I don't want to be rude and ignore your response to me as you took this time to respond to me.

Whether we are talking about biological parents, or adopting parents, and whether or not they should be seen and thus treated differently under the law or not, this entire issue of licensing birth goes to a much larger issue.

We are attempting to use the law to be proactive instead of reactive - or to put it another way, we are attempting to head problems off before they happen. So we are essentially attempting to legislature responsibility, safety (for the child), and morality. There is a definite benefit to this, and we already do it (making murder illegal, Drug & Food standards, etc.), but the real question here is how far do we go? Freedom has its risks. Granted, there is no such thing as complete freedom when you stop and think about it, but the more laws you create to control people, the more freedom is curtailed. The more laws that are in place, the more the responsible and decent people of a given society are put into the position of proving, to some degree, that are going to behave and that they are not 'up to something', or that they are have no intention of behaving in a responsible manner. To a certain degree, this puts a person in the position of proving they are innocent of something that they have not even done as of yet. This runs counter 'innocent until proven guilty'.

Now I wouldn't want to live in a free-for-all society either for very obvious reasons. But to me the real question here is just how much freedom is a person willing to sacrifice, just how much authority over said person's personal life is said person or persons willing to give up, in order to assure, in general, reasonable behavior. Just how far do we go with this? Is it something that we can even achieve to begin with or are we attempting to do what can not work?

It's all hard to say.

I really don't know what the solution is, or if in the real world, there is a reasonable one. But I always have a strong belief that if you want something to be f***ked up, involve the government. Our government is in need of an overhaul. I don't believe in giving them any more power over us than they already have.

BTW - birth control methods are not fool proof. They are not 100% effective. What if someone submitted to birth control procedures, and became pregnant anyway? Would the state have the authority, in the interest of society as a whole, to force an abortion? Would they have the right to take the child from the biological parents because said parents do not have a license? How much authority should the state (assuming they would be the authority in the matter) have over the individual? Just something to think about.

Sorry for a quick response that may not be as thoroughly thought out or written as it should be. Gotta run though. Later.

Personally, I always have a certain suspicion of anyone, or any agency, that believes itself to be wiser, smarter, etc. than the rest of us. There is a certain arrogance to this.

  • Definitely some tough questions...Sprout, Fri Oct 27 5:35am
    IMO there are a lot of subjective standards that COULD be badly applied. But I think that there ARE some objective standards that possibly SHOULD be applied. I'll touch on a few of our comments and... more
    • Sorry about the slow response — Ennui, Sat Oct 28 8:40am
      • when we, as a society, have already decided that we are going to PAY the costs of bad decisions, I am willing to acknowledge that authority comes with that responsibility. IMO if you can be held 100% ... more
        • In our society, for some strange reason,Ennui, Mon Oct 30 8:42am
          responsibility of the individual's decision and subsequent actions has been shifted to a plethora of what I consider to be 'acceptable' excuses. There is always someone, something, or some... more
          • ooopsEnnui, Mon Oct 30 8:48am
            it is my personal belief that it is the limited individual who can not love and care for a child that is not biologically born to them with the same depth than a child that is. ..... that should have ... more
      • typoEnnui, Sat Oct 28 8:42am
        or that they are have no intention of behaving in a responsible manner That should have been 'irresponsible'.
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