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Contributions to Humankind: Side By Side Comparison
Sat Oct 28, 2017 8:26pm

Israel and the Arab World. One must keep in mind that Israel has one-FORTIETH of the population of the Arab World.

Yet the GDP of the Arab States is only 7.6 time the GDP of Israel.

Even so the combined GDP of the Arab World is 2.4 trillion dollars, which is enough to do plenty. However, Arab states are notorious for doing little or NOTHING to educate or otherwise improve the conditions of their respective citizenries.

The first of many tables is shown here:

Israel Arab World
Area: 22,145 km2(The area of the State of Israel fits 545 times into the Arab World's area, that is roughly 0.18% of the lands) Area: 12,061,226 km2(Strictly, they are 17 Arab countries, while the Arab League includes other 4 states, which are not Arab, and the disputed territories, totalizing 22)
Population: 8,585,000 Israeli Citizens (2016 estimate)Jewish, Arabs, Assyrians, Armenians, Circassians, etc. Population: ca. 330,000,000 (2007 estimate)17 Arab countries have 46 times the population of Israel
Literacy rate: 97.5% (Jewish population: 100%) Female literacy rate as percentage of male literacy rate: 97.5% (Jewish population: 100%) The 2.5% illiteracy rate as well as the 2.5% difference between male and female literacy are verified within the Arab population. Literacy rate: between 49% and 92%All Arab countries have a literacy rate lower than any European nation or any former Soviet Republic, and lower than most countries of the American Continent as well. Only Palestinians, most of whom have received Israeli schooling, and Jordan, have over 90% literacy rate. 3 Arab countries below 60%, other 2 do not reach 70%, other 5 between 70% and 80% Female literacy rate as percentage of male literacy rate:The inequality is quite noticeable except in Kuwait, Qatar and Bahrain, countries in which the majority of the population are immigrants who have been educated in their homelands. In the whole Arab world, about 50% of Arab native women are illiterate.
Education:Israel has the highest number of university degrees per capita in the world. Israel has the highest number of scientific publications per capita in the world. Education:The Arab world has the lowest number of university degrees per capita in the world. The Arab world has the lowest number of scientific publications per capita in the world (close to nothing).
Press Freedom:There is complete press freedom in Israel, ranked with European and North-American States at the highest places worldwide; has by far the highest rate in the Middle East and occupies the highest rank with Japan in Asia. Press Freedom:There is limited or no press freedom in the Arab countries. Saudi Arabia shares the lowest places with Iran, Libya, North Korea and other dictatorship regimes. Most Arab countries are found in the lower section of the list.
Religious Freedom:There is complete religious freedom in Israel. Even though Israel is the "Jewish State", Judaism has not the status of official religion. Any religious institution may establish its worship places in Israel, as well as their headquarters and main temples. Religious Freedom:In Saudi Arabia, there is absolutely no religious freedom nor religious tolerance, not even for foreign workers or tourists. A muslim's conversion is punished with death penalty. In other Arab countries, a limited religious tolerance exists for historical communities (Copts, Assyrians, Armenians, etc). In general, religious tolerance is granted only to foreigners and tourists, not for nationals.
Women's Rights:Israel is the most advanced democracy in the world concerning Women's rights. Complete gender equality is granted in every aspect social, cultural, political, etc. There is no other State in which Arab women are conferred equal rights by law. The Israeli Prevention of Sexual Harassment Law is the most comprehensive and far-reaching law of its kind anywhere in the world. Israel has the highest rate of female entrepreneurs in the world. Women's Rights:It is in Saudi Arabia where restrictions against women's freedom are the most extreme in the world. In that country, women are denied the most basic civil rights. Gender discrimination against women and domestic violence are a general feature in the whole Arab world, even in the most socially developed countries as Jordan. In spite of the technical existence of some legal rights, they are actually seldom applied and have much less force than social pressure, that prevents women from exerting some of their few rights granted by law. Unacceptable female children's rights violations as infibulation and clitoridecthomy are still widely practised in several Arab countries, even though in some of them such mutilations are formally illegal.

I want to add that women's rights protect women even from the HIGHEST in society. The previous President of Israel is in prison for RAPE.

To see the rest of this comparison, click the link above.

Oh, and by the way, notices that the Arab States are demanding that Israel give up some of ITS land for the Palestinians, but the Arab States have, so far, not given up one square meter for the Palestinians.


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