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Your Paradigm Is Too Constricted...
Sun Oct 29, 2017 7:52pm

The Reformation could not succeed by merely reforming Catholicism, because monolithic, organized religions can't adequately accommodate the individual nature of personal revelation and faith.

Faith + political power = bad things

Faith + human hierarchy = bad things


  • Nor Did the Reformation SucceedMerlin, Sun Oct 29 7:15am
    because it merely Fragmented Christianity rather than Reforming. I agree with you about the obstacles, and I agree with the author, Peter J. Leithart, about: "Only Godís Spirit can overcome the... more
    • The intent was to reform the RCC. But the church would not be reformed, and in that choice, separated itself from Christendom.
      • I Think That's Debatable...Amadeus, Mon Oct 30 6:50pm
        It created a reformed theology, but as to whether or not it would be its "original" state... There was a bit of confusion amongst the apostles and early Christians about exactly what that was. Amadeus
    • Your Paradigm Is Too Constricted... — Amadeus, Sun Oct 29 7:52pm
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