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While I certainly do, in general, oppose gov't overreach,
Mon Oct 30, 2017 6:17am

when we, as a society, have already decided that we are going to PAY the costs of bad decisions, I am willing to acknowledge that authority comes with that responsibility.

IMO if you can be held 100% responsible for the consequences of an act, I say you should have 100% authority over the act...

But when a persons actions can establish responsibility on the part of OTHER FOLKS, then those other folks MUST ethically gain a degree of AUTHORITY over that decision.

So, if you COULD be held 100% responsible for the choice to have a child, then I would agree wholeheartedly that NOBODY but you should have any say in the matter. HOWEVER, we don't do it that way. We, as a society, have decided that we collectively will PAY a significant amount towards the consequences of that decision ranging from at a bare minimum, relieving the parent of tax burdens. And often providing other more direct support such as supplementing income with respect to food, shelter, and other necessities.

BECAUSE of that choice to TAKE responsibility, to a degree, for the choice to have a child, society gains a right to a say.

It isn't about guilt or innocence, but about the matter of responsibility and authority. It is unethical responsibility to be shared without sharing authority.

But again, please try to answer the TOUGH question... Why is it OK to set all sorts of standards before we ALLOW an adult to adopt, but it is totally forbidden to even CONSIDER standards for biological reproduction? What makes biological parenting different than adoptive parenting? What makes a person adopting a child DIFFERENT from someone bearing a child?

  • Sorry about the slow responseEnnui, Sat Oct 28 8:40am
    I have house guests this weekend and planned activities with them. This may not be the best time to respond to you, as I am essentially posting and running, but I don't want to be rude and ignore... more
    • While I certainly do, in general, oppose gov't overreach, — Sprout, Mon Oct 30 6:17am
      • In our society, for some strange reason,Ennui, Mon Oct 30 8:42am
        responsibility of the individual's decision and subsequent actions has been shifted to a plethora of what I consider to be 'acceptable' excuses. There is always someone, something, or some... more
        • ooopsEnnui, Mon Oct 30 8:48am
          it is my personal belief that it is the limited individual who can not love and care for a child that is not biologically born to them with the same depth than a child that is. ..... that should have ... more
    • typoEnnui, Sat Oct 28 8:42am
      or that they are have no intention of behaving in a responsible manner That should have been 'irresponsible'.
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