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In our society, for some strange reason,
Mon Oct 30, 2017 8:42am

responsibility of the individual's decision and subsequent actions has been shifted to a plethora of what I consider to be 'acceptable' excuses. There is always someone, something, or some circumstance to shift the 'blame' to. Personal responsibility seems to have flown out the window. We are in danger of becoming a society of 'pathetic victims'. I do agree that the individual is not held accountable as they should be, and because of it, problems arise to society as a whole. And yes, society is asked time and again to take on the burden of the consequences and fixing the problem, assuming that the problem can even be fixed.

OTOH, if the state is granted or given authority over the people because the state (or society in general) has some of the burden of the consequences of a given individual's bad behavior and/or decisions, than it is only fair that the state has responsibilities and consequences when it makes its own bad decisions. (For instance, what would the consequences be for the state/soceity if it should have granted a birth license but didn't?). In our current situation, the state gets away with just about everything and anything other than public exposure, and even public exposure has turned into a three ring cirus.

I am against granting the state any authority over the people unless the state can be and *is* held accountable too. I am against granting the state authority over the people (or individual) without checks and balances, or at least, a means for the people/individual to hold the state accountable when the state is at fault. But this doesn't happen. The everyday citizen, by themselves, lacks the power and means to hold such a powerful entity accountable as the state. So if they state screws up for whatever reason and refuses to grant a perfectly worthy couple a birth license, the couple remains childless and the state . . . well what happens to the state?

As to your other questions:

Why is it OK to set all sorts of standards before we ALLOW an adult to adopt, but it is totally forbidden to even CONSIDER standards for biological reproduction? What makes biological parenting different than adoptive parenting? What makes a person adopting a child DIFFERENT from someone bearing a child?

IMO, the answer to this is based in faulty reasoning. It has been 'assumed' (ah - that word!!) that no one will care for a child greater than the biological parent. Children were also at one time considered property of the parent. They were treated as such. *Legal* custody was always automatically and instantly granted to the biological parent. Many of our laws have not caught up with the changing of our thinking, our education, and the changing times.

We have adopted children in our family - it is my personal belief that it is the limited individual who can not love and care for a child that is not biologically born to them with the same depth than a child that is. All children are born innocents and worthy of love and nurturing. They did not ask to be born and it is not their fault that they are helpless and dependent on adults. The law, because it has been written by an imperfect species, is imperfect too. I personally know of a situation where a step-parent is more caring than the natural parent (who has all but abandoned their child). Yes, it makes no sense to think that a biological parent is *always* the better parent than the adoptive one. But the law, being what it currently is, doesn't see it that way (or isn't written that way) and that is why you have what you have today. The law needs to be fixed, as does many other things.

But I loathe to give what I consider to be an essentially corrupt government any more powers than it already has until the day that said government is over-hauled, fixed, and held *equally* accountable for their screw-ups as the people are. But the state is not held accountable, just as there are many individuals who escape consequences because they are able, in our current society, to shift the blame elsewhere.

With authority comes privileges but also responsibilities and consequences. If the individual is to have their feet held to the fire, than so should the state. But it just doesn't happen. Thus I don't think the answer is to grant an already messed up state more power and authority.

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    • In our society, for some strange reason, — Ennui, Mon Oct 30 8:42am
      • ooopsEnnui, Mon Oct 30 8:48am
        it is my personal belief that it is the limited individual who can not love and care for a child that is not biologically born to them with the same depth than a child that is. ..... that should have ... more
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