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It exposed the corruption of Catholicism and while the
Mon Oct 30, 2017 11:49am

church, to its shame, was not reformed, Christian Theology
was and hearkened back to original Biblical Christian
practice, where God reigned supreme, not the Pope or any
other human being.

Luther was devout, as the record shows, and that led him
out of Catholicism, although it was not his intent. His
intent was to lead the church to correct itself. The church
failed. Tradition trumped God and God's Word.

Game. Set. Match.

And to this day, all churches who get corrupted continue
to fail. Look around. They're everywhere and they are,
of course, not all Roman Catholic.

At the same time there are many smaller congregations
across this country growing rapidly who are preaching
Bible Truths, not denominational truths, and people
seeking God, seeking the truth, are listening, and some
even believing.

There will always be a remnant of those whom God protects,
and who help others hear His Word, and it is in hearing
God's Word that people have faith; nothing else does
the job.

  • The Reformation, led by Luther, failed.Merlin, Sun Oct 29 5:00am
    The Reformation, led by Luther, failed. Here's how we could finally reunite the Christian church Monument of Martin Luther in Wittenberg, Germany. It was the first public monument of the great... more
    • It exposed the corruption of Catholicism and while the — shadow, Mon Oct 30 11:49am
    • The Reformation did not fail.shadow, Sun Oct 29 6:31am
      The reformation took away political power from the Roman Catholic Church, an event from which the Roman Catholic Church is still recoiling. It is a horrible thing when Christianity is described as a... more
      • Nor Did the Reformation SucceedMerlin, Sun Oct 29 7:15am
        because it merely Fragmented Christianity rather than Reforming. I agree with you about the obstacles, and I agree with the author, Peter J. Leithart, about: "Only Godís Spirit can overcome the... more
        • The intent was to reform the RCC. But the church would not be reformed, and in that choice, separated itself from Christendom.
          • I Think That's Debatable...Amadeus, Mon Oct 30 6:50pm
            It created a reformed theology, but as to whether or not it would be its "original" state... There was a bit of confusion amongst the apostles and early Christians about exactly what that was. Amadeus
        • Doctrines of men won't save us. The Church needs to be united but what unite it? Only the Grace of God.
        • Your Paradigm Is Too Constricted...Amadeus, Sun Oct 29 7:52pm
          The Reformation could not succeed by merely reforming Catholicism, because monolithic, organized religions can't adequately accommodate the individual nature of personal revelation and faith. Faith + ... more
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