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Re: Acceptance that if biology establishes unequal authority,
Mon Oct 30, 2017 2:16pm

"We may have to learn to accept unbalanced scales."


I think, in certain circumstance, yes, the scales can not always be balanced, as hard as we try and as well intended as we may be.

Sometimes circumstance hands out an uneven deck of cards. What we do with the cards is the key.

Reversible sterilization still has its risks, whether it be surgically accomplished or through drugs or other methods. You are not going to find the perfectly safe sterilization, always perfectly reversible method. Goof ups, screws up and unforeseen things happen. Nothing is perfect really. If the state can force an individual to take a risk, the state must take *the* consequences when things go wrong. In this particular case, I can't imagine what that would be that would properly compensate the individual. And something we have not discussed yet - does a child who is born into an unlicensed family have any rights? Or do they just have to go along with the ride the adults take them on regardless.

In today's world the state doesn't take responsibility. The current government has made a career of insulating itself and walking away. To my amazement, the people keep voting for the exact same derelicts in office. That's another issue though.

"But it remains odd that we leave natural born kids in households that would not qualify for adoption. Why? Better than nothing I guess."

Because the judicial system has little to do with justice at times. Because the law is screwed up. Because the law needs to be fixed.

  • society must accept unequal responsibility. We may have to learn to accept unbalanced scales. The idea I was advancing was one of preemptive reversible sterilization. Then the pregnancy does not... more
    • Re: Acceptance that if biology establishes unequal authority, — Ennui, Mon Oct 30 2:16pm
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