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We must act against Drug overpricing.
Mon Oct 30, 2017 7:53pm

Inhalers that cost $1 to make are sold for $600.

Epi-Pens that cost $5 to make are sold for $500

Chemotherapy infusions that cost $100 to make are sold for $10,000.
Drug Goes From $13.50 a Tablet to $750 OVERNIGHT!
Blame the drug companies for your overpriced prescription medicine
U.S. Senator Tammy Baldwin Urges Trump Administration to Hold Drug Companies Accountable for Overpricing
Despite Pledges to Lower Drug Prices, Trump Administration Has Four Times Delayed Implementation of Rule Punishing Drug Companies for Overpricing Prescription Drugs
Pharmaceutical pricingCrippling

Runaway drug costs in America are creating some problems

Giving credit where it’s due, hepatitis C drug Sovaldi, from Gilead Sciences, Inc. (NASDAQ:GILD), is something of a miracle cure for the disease … as much as it can be cured, anyway. Then again, with an initial price tag of $84,000 for the typical treatment regimen, it ought to be something of a cure.

Gilead has since offered price breaks to pharma benefits managers in exchange for exclusivity. Make no mistake though. Sovaldi still doesn’t cost anywhere near its retail price to make.

Gilead defends the still-high price, saying the value of the drug to the patient justifies its high cost. Most U.S. consumers wouldn’t have a problem with the premise either were it not for the fact that the exact same drug treatment regimen costs $900 in Egypt.

I do not want to hear "whatever the market will bear" when it comes to medications essential to keep patients alive. This is not much different that holding guns at patients' heads and demanding money. Sure, people will pay whatever they can to save their lives. But is that moral on the part of the drug companies? I do not think so.

I hear that profits are necessary for further research, and I agree. But only about %15 of drug company income goes into research. Another 15% goes into actual production, packaging, etc. Some 10% goes into advertising (which is unneeded for life-or-death drugs) The remaining 60% goes into profits and executive salaries.

Big Pharma has lost all moral compass and is concentrating on maximization of profit and executive salaries above all things. This position is immoral.

Let me ask the Christians on this board, suppose that Jesus ran a drug company. Would he charge extortionate prices, or would he sell them for a reasonable markup relative to what other companies such as food, clothing, etc get? Of course, Jesus would realize that some profit is essential to keep the business going and that a zero profit would close down the business leaving patients worse of than before. But would he charge $500 for an Epi-Pen that costs $5 to make? I do not believe it. I therefore call current drug pricing un-Christian. It is also clearly un-Jewish because Jesus' values were Jewish values.

As I have said on this board many times, maximization of profit is an immoral goal. The proper Christian and Jewish perspective is to provide the patient with the best and cheapest product available while keeping the company healthy. That is an entirely different goal, because it involves a compromise, as do all proper moral decisions. Maximization of profit involves no compromise whatsoever. Only a psychopath can favor maximization of profit as the SOLE GOAL of business.

Here is the unconscionable increase of price of Epi-Pen over the years. Remember, it costs about $5 to make.


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