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Here is an important point, made by DFM....
Tue Oct 31, 2017 6:20am (XFF:

DFM: The Jewish God (Religion) Had Mellowed From the Bible Era.

The Rabbis cut out all that violent shit. The Bible means very little in Judaism today. By the time of Jesus, most of the crap had been removed. By the time of Muhammad, ALL of it had been removed. The Jewish God of the year 622 was merciful, loving, and non-violent. The Rabbis radically revised the "personality" or "temperament" of God. The Talmud, not the Bible, defines the Jewish God.


That is a point that is often made - religion is created by man, melded by man, modified and revised by man, to meet man's needs.

When man identifies previous beliefs as "violent shit", using his own innate sense of right and wrong, he modifies his beliefs.

NONE of that religion was God-given. It was created by men, at a time when "violent shit" was common-place. Slavery, death for minor offenses, victors in battle slaughtering innocents, etc. All "violent shit" that was once acceptable and that eventually became -- TO MEN -- unacceptable.

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