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That is what some truly believe
Tue Oct 31, 2017 7:54am

I am a strong believer that human greed will prevail when allowed to. It will flourish wherever it is permitted. Competition will not keep it in check if companies are free to price gauge. In a free market, they are free to do just that. When companies keep the prices super inflated, there is no reasonable resource for the consumer to turn to, regardless of competition. The health industry is very aware that many, maybe even most people, will pay anything they can to keep themselves or loved ones alive. The problem with this is that we are not dealing with a service that is a luxury item - we are dealing with a service that involves life. Medicine has lost its humanitarian goals to a large degree. It has become all about money. Compassion, the preservation life and the easing of suffering now go to the highest bidder. The excuse is 'well its in reality a business you see'. It is run that way by choice, not because it is forced to.

I once worked in the medical profession. I am ashamed of what it has become.

    • That is what some truly believe — Ennui, Tue Oct 31 7:54am
      • Are you a mind reader? Judge? (nm)jb, Tue Oct 31 1:49pm
        • I know I am right becauseEnnui, Tue Oct 31 5:19pm
          God told me so. He came to me last night and told me personally. In fact, we had a lovely late night dinner together. You can't prove otherwise. So that means it is true. Toodles.
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        • RestrictionEnnui, Tue Oct 31 10:46am
          is contradictory to a 'truly free' market. I do believe that certain things need to be restricted. Other things can be 'truly free'. I don't believe medical services and their related services (big... more
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