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My position may be naive but its a simple one
Tue Oct 31, 2017 8:02am

I don't give a crap by what name something calls itself and where it comes from and what group supports it ... if it is good, keep it. If it is bad, get rid of it.

Your position is very clear to me. If there is a god, it does not automatically follow that this god *must* be the Christian god, or the Jewish god, or the ________ god (fill in the blank). It is possible (though how probable is another matter) that there is a god but no human has it right when it comes to just what this god is about.

Books are written by humans. In my religious days, I said toss out the man-made stuff, the books, the preconceived and/or cherished notions, go out into life and find god if at all possible.

But that was in my religious days. I am a dedicated skeptic now.

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