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Correct, Your Suggestion Will Not Help the Ill (nm)
Tue Oct 31, 2017 8:25am

    • Correct, Your Suggestion Will Not Help the Ill (nm) — Merlin, Tue Oct 31 8:25am
      • We need everybody to be insured. (nm)jb, Tue Oct 31 1:46pm
        • Insurance Is Not EnoughMerlin, Tue Oct 31 1:57pm
          when insurers will not pay for extremely high-priced drugs.
          • personal storyTrish, Tue Oct 31 2:54pm
            I shared this on Mondo's board but here's the deal. I take a broad spectrum anti-depressant, anti-anxiety medication *generic*. It is the best thing that has happened in terms of on-going... more
            • I hear youEnnui, Tue Oct 31 4:22pm
              I have allergy induced asthma. It's a scary thing when you can't breath right. I have insurance - because of the premiums, all we can afford is the $10,000.00 deductible plan. IOW - our insurance... more
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