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Tue Oct 31, 2017 10:46am

is contradictory to a 'truly free' market.

I do believe that certain things need to be restricted. Other things can be 'truly free'.

I don't believe medical services and their related services (big pharma, durable medical equipment, diagnostics, etc.) should be totally free to charge horrendously and even obscene prices.

It's not just greed in the medical community that is driving this cost problem. We have insane lawsuits and other problems that are contributing factors. If we are to fix this and not just argue and polarize from one another, we need to address all the related problems and not just one or some. I have no idea why Medicare is not permitted to negotiate for better prices. I know it is the law now and I know it has contributed to the overall disaster. It needs to be changed.

Healthcare in the US is a complicated mess. It is a shame too because we have the talent and the technology here to make it much better. But that's not the goal of those who are in power. They need to be brought under control.

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    • Restriction — Ennui, Tue Oct 31 10:46am
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