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Just as I've often argued with Bauer...
Tue Oct 31, 2017 10:54am (XFF: does a Jew know which parts of the ancient texts that were once held to be the "word of god" can now be expunged to "clean up the religion's act"?

There was a time when Jews had NO PROBLEM believing that their god would sanction the owning of people as property, the stoning of people for relatively minor offenses, the slaughter of innocent men, women, children, infants, and even animals.

So how was it that Jews eventually "entered the fold of humanity" by turning all of that "violent shit" into something that it never had been - irrelevant?

Why cling to a religion founded on ancient texts that are so repugnant that they have to be "cleaned up" in order to conform to latter-day "humanity"?

Why not just jettison the whole entire thing and base your morals on what that innate sense of right and wrong that you used to decide which parts of the OT were actually worthless "violent shit"?

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