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Tue Oct 31, 2017 2:02pm

"So how was it that Jews eventually "entered the fold of humanity" by turning all of that "violent shit" into something that it never had been - irrelevant?"
Because they became cosmopolitan by being in the Persian culture and had to deal with many cultures and ideas.

"Why not just jettison the whole entire thing and base your morals on what that innate sense of right and wrong that you used to decide which parts of the OT were actually worthless "violent shit"?"
Because what they replaced it with is a moral guide FAR SUPERIOR to innate sense of right and wrong. Intuition is a very poor guide, especially because it is highly vulnerable to casuistry. People are very good and twisting things to their own benefit and rationalizing their actions. To see just how BAD innate sense of right and wrong is, you need but to examine Roman culture and history.

Rabbis developed what I consider to be the highest ethical and moral system in human history. THAT is why I follow it. If you look at Western History, you will see that Jewish values have permeated our civilization on every level and are largely responsible for the moral progress that has been made over the centuries. Protecting the weak is a Jewish idea. Charity is a Jewish idea. Mercy is a Jewish idea. These were utterly absent in Roman society.

Here is an excellent historical summary. I suggest that you actually take the time to peruse it in detail. You will quickly see why innate sense of right and wrong is insufficient in today's world.

See also this book of essays:


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