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YOU are wrong. These people are following the Quran to the
Tue Oct 31, 2017 8:36pm

letter. The problem is not this Muslim or that Muslim, but ISLAM itself.

Islam guaranteed to its adherents that they will go to PARADISE if they kill unbelievers. No other religion does that. (By the way, this WAS promised to the Crusaders a thousand years ago, but has long ago dropped out of Christianity.)

You have it 100% BACKWARDS.


  • You Don't Get It...Amadeus, Tue Oct 31 8:07pm
    That person was no more a Muslim than a terrorist who kills in the name of Jesus would be a Christian. But you seem content to let the terrorists tell you how to think. You seem content to accept... more
    • but I think most terrorists are Muslims. Why does their religion have so many more terrorists than other religions?
      • Perception perhapsTrish, Wed Nov 1 4:15am
        I do not know if there has been a study done to determine where the most terrorists reside. However, I will say that our media currently has Muslims under a magnifying glass, which means we hear more ... more
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