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You're the one who refuses to "get" it.
Tue Oct 31, 2017 10:15pm

Even Muslim leaders are acknowledging the
problem as an Islamic problem and calling
for an Islamic reformation.

  • You Don't Get It...Amadeus, Tue Oct 31 8:07pm
    That person was no more a Muslim than a terrorist who kills in the name of Jesus would be a Christian. But you seem content to let the terrorists tell you how to think. You seem content to accept... more
    • but I think most terrorists are Muslims. Why does their religion have so many more terrorists than other religions?
      • Perception perhapsTrish, Wed Nov 1 4:15am
        I do not know if there has been a study done to determine where the most terrorists reside. However, I will say that our media currently has Muslims under a magnifying glass, which means we hear more ... more
    • You're the one who refuses to "get" it. — Shadow, Tue Oct 31 10:15pm
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