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Then what do you need GOD FOR!
Wed Nov 1, 2017 5:52am (XFF:

If Rabbis, all on their own, developed the highest ethical and moral system in human history, by expunging all of the "violent shit" that Jews had, for hundreds of years, accepted as the "word of god", then obviously those Rabbis DID NOT NEED a god in order to DO THAT!

They "became more cosmopolitan", and had to deal with (and learn from) other cultures and ideas. As you yourself admit, they developed an ethical and moral system WITHOUT the influence (or interference) of a god or gods.

So, unless you think that those Rabbis were "divinely inspired" to create their ethical and moral system, then this gets you nowhere closer to a NEED for god or gods in order to be ethical or moral.

Which is the whole entire point.

What do you need a god for, if you have a Rabbi-created ethical and moral system?

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