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Please note that the Muslim countries have been in CONSTANT
Wed Nov 1, 2017 9:12am

turmoil since the founding of Islam.

Look at the past half-century.

Constant Muslim violence against Hindus in India.

Wars in in Yemen for 50 years.

Wars in Algeria.

Massive war between Iran and Iraq.

Persecution of Baha'i in Iran.

Now look in Buddhist Myanmar, where the Muslims are getting back PRECISELY what they dished out to the Buddhists. It took Muslim violence to make the pacifistic Buddhists resort to violence after years of mass murder of Buddhists by Muslims.

Sudan and its mass persecution of Christians.




And the ever-popular, never-ending war between Shiites and Sunnis that began the day Muhammad died and has continued unabated to the present.

Need I go on?

The idea of compromise is alien to Islam, which attempts to solve all problems with violence. That is its nature, and has been since the year 632.


  • Islam, Religion of Peace? Merlin, Wed Nov 1 5:06am
    Christianity lives in a glass house, truth be told. Be that as it may, I can't help but note how India, primarily I think Hindu, is markedly more peaceful in many ways to a significant degree, than... more
    • Please note that the Muslim countries have been in CONSTANT — DFM, Wed Nov 1 9:12am
    • A religionEnnui, Wed Nov 1 6:57am
      is what its adherents make it. They are the face of their religion. If truth be told, I don't know of any religion, or non for that matter, that can claim they don't live in a glass house. I don't... more
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