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I always questioned the wisdom
Wed Nov 1, 2017 12:51pm

of the US bringing 'democracy' to some of the Middle East Nations and beyond.

Yes, I believe in the value of democracy. And granted, no decent person wants to see children suffer, whatever the cause.

But we are Westerners, our way of life is different. Many nations are of a different way of life.

That doesn't automatically mean that our way of life is better than theirs, though there are many things that I disagree with over there. But it is to say we may have to accept that our way of life may be best for us, but not necessarily for someone else. And that goes with just about everything - from religion, to who we fall in love with, to what we like to eat at the dinner table. We are alike, but we are also very different.

Our 'leaders' are constantly bringing 'democracy' to the world - and they don't even respect it or practice it well themselves. I don't think they are stupid. I think they are so insulated from the consequences of their decisions that they continue on their merry way. I think that, like most humans, they have it in their heads that they are right, and like most humans, they won't learn their lesson until the brick wall that they keep hitting falls down directly on their heads. But they are insulated - so will that ever happen? I don't know.

The ideal of mutual tolerance and united diversity is a beautiful one. And when you think about it, logically, one life is just as valuable as the other regardless of the differences. But as of now, I do think the human race has proved that at our current level of development, we are not ready to be one big happy family. Maybe in the future it will happen, maybe it never will.

But I do agree you can't force people to accept each other. That must come from within. Abuse, murder, uncalled for violence never should be tolerated, regardless of who the perpetrator is. We should never be afraid to stand against it, even at the risk of being called bigoted, prejudiced, etc. Those people do indeed exists, but care must always be exercised that we do not falsely accuse one another. That is an injustice in itself.


  • I don't think diversity is a bad word.shadow, Wed Nov 1 11:56am
    I just think it's like so many words that are used wrong. Forced diversity is like forced marriage; there is little chance of success. When things happen naturally and perhaps gradually it gives... more
    • I always questioned the wisdom — Ennui, Wed Nov 1 12:51pm
    • Bing-O!Mondo Fuego™ , Wed Nov 1 12:10pm
      You are so right. "When things happen naturally and perhaps gradually it gives everyone breathing space to make whatever adjustments are needed." But, there is nothing "natural" about importing... more
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