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Eve caused this mess.
Thu Nov 2, 2017 6:27am

Now that she has relative parity with the former ruling males, have you noticed how the wenches are coming out of the woodwork claiming they have been harassed. Oh yeah, can one say RETIREMENT PLAN from lawsuits. Can one say castration of the male ego was the goal? Can one say the femi-Nazis have escaped the burqa? Can one suggest these loud mouth purveyors of poisoned fruit ought to get back into the kitchen where they belong. I had thought years ago the "gentler sex" segued into the political arena would leven the male warriors and calm the nuclear testosterone. But as it turns out hell hath no fury like a woman given power but no balls.....only the usual female emotional subset of which Hildebeast, Pelosi, Maxine, and Feinstein are exhibit A (for apple). All certifiably MAD (Mothers All Drunk). Oh how I long for the 1950s!

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