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Making a more generalized point on this
Thu Nov 2, 2017 8:48am

Is it the religion itself that makes someone behave in a certain way, or is it that the individual searches for a means to support that which they are inclined/want to do?

Look at how, for instance, Yahweh has 'evolved' over time. How Yahweh is perceived these days tends to run parallel to how human thought and ideas have also evolved. At one time, Christianity too was guilty of violence and used Yahweh as a reason to justify abuses. Now humans (well some humans) recognize how wrong the violence was. Yahweh has become more gentile over the centuries. Has Yahweh evolved or has man's ideas about him evolved?

Is it Islam, or is it that abusers, the violent, the degenerates of the human race look for any reason they can grab a hold of to do as they want to do? Look at the Biblical OT - there is stuff in there that makes my skin crawl.

I think Islam needs to 'evolve'. But it hasn't from what little I know about it. It will either evolve, which will be driven by its adherents, or remain as it is, whatever that is. I am not educated enough in Islam to say with any certainty what that is.

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