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Re: Let's try an example that isn't "sadistic".
Thu Nov 2, 2017 8:57am

"But for good people to do the wrong thing -- that takes religion."

Is that what is truly going on? Or is it that this father is willing to accept what he is being told by his religion and so he acts accordingly? If he rejects it, and if everyone else rejects it, the religion will die.

I was raised Christian. I am no longer. I changed. Those changes were driven from within me. I changed because I now reject things that I was taught. But that came from within me because if it came from my religion, I would still be a member of the RCA.

Can we really blame religion? Or do we place the blame at the feet of the individual? I think too many people use their religion as a shield to behave as they want.

If Islam is a violent religion, (and I don't know much about Islam so I can't say with any certainty what it is), then its adherents (and others) should change that if they want Islam to continue. If Islam is violent, and its adherents don't do something about that, it should die.

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