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Sociologists changed it into a 'salad bowl'. (nm)
Thu Nov 2, 2017 9:17am

  • Whatever happened to the "Melting Pot"? Melt down??? I do agree that in united diversity there is great strength and richness. There is a lot to be said of 'E Pluribus Unum'. But for reasons I don't... more
    • Sociologists changed it into a 'salad bowl'. (nm) — shadow, Thu Nov 2 9:17am
      • There is so muchEnnui, Thu Nov 2 9:54am
        arguing out there, false information and revisionism, I can't always sort it out anymore. I am not saying your view is wrong, just that I don't know. Maybe everyone is playing a role in it while... more
    • My ex-wife's family goes back to Italy. When the first family immigrants came to the United States in the 1850s, and early 1900s, they were obviously culturally very different. Barely spoke English... more
      • agreed (nm)shadow, Thu Nov 2 9:18am
      • Oh I agree that it can be doneEnnui, Thu Nov 2 9:13am
        and that, as I said before, there is something to be said for 'E Pluribus Unum'. We are descendants of Germans, Irish and Danes. Some of my ancestry goes further back in the US than others - some of... more
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