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It's not. A good few players in MLB are from Latin America.
Thu Nov 2, 2017 10:18am

As jb pointed out, Japan is very good, too, placing players in MLB and with a very good domestic league. I suspect either team in the Japan Series (Fukuoka Hawks v Yokohama BayStars...the former are ahead 3-2) could make a good accounting of themselves in MLB, although they wouldn't be favorites to make the playoffs.

While none of the Latin American countries have leagues competitive with MLB, the quality of play is very high, as evidenced by how many players these countries end up sending to MLB. The Dominican Republic has 83 players in MLB, which is about 10% (!!!).

While I'm primarily a soccer fan when it comes to major team sports, I love the odd complexity and subtle tactics of baseball...but I vastly prefer it at the park. On TV, it's nowhere near the same.

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