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Without religion, what "purpose" would have been served...
Thu Nov 2, 2017 11:15am (XFF: the death of a child?

Regardless, since that wasn't part of the hypothetical, it's an irrelevant point.

The father loved his son, wanted him to be healthy, but because of his religion he chose prayer over medicine, and his son died.

In that scenario, without religion the son would have lived.

With religion, the son died.

You can blame that death directly on religion.

  • Not that he wanted his son deadEnnui, Thu Nov 2 9:24am
    But he may believe, for whatever reason, that his son's death serves a purpose. I doubt military families want their loved one dead. But they may believe that their loved ones death served a greater... more
    • Without religion, what "purpose" would have been served... — SES, Thu Nov 2 11:15am
      • Its not that simple SESEnnui, Thu Nov 2 11:44am
        Human behavior is rarely, if ever, motivated by just one simple factor. Human behavior is multi-layered and complex. You can if you wish discard those factors in your story, but in the real world, it ... more
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