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I assumed that you meant you had a PhD.
Thu Nov 2, 2017 11:27am

That may/may not be the case. If
so, it would be interesting to know
your field of study. It is, you
should know if you have a PhD, a
logical fallacy to claim authority
in one field of study that is not
the one of your PhD.

So, a mere PhD does not suggest any
superiority of knowledge about the
Bible or even religion in general,
unless, of course, the holder of the
PhD has studied the matter, which
does not necessarily mean authenticity,
only some study that serves to prove
something new or enhance importantly
some already known information.

Now you know about some of the limits
of a PhD.

  • Surely you don't suggest that the manyshadow, Thu Nov 2 11:22am
    academic theological Biblical scholars with not only PhD's, but additional degrees as well, meet standards less than yours?
    • I assumed that you meant you had a PhD. — shadow, Thu Nov 2 11:27am
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