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Its not that simple SES
Thu Nov 2, 2017 11:44am

Human behavior is rarely, if ever, motivated by just one simple factor. Human behavior is multi-layered and complex. You can if you wish discard those factors in your story, but in the real world, it just doesn't apply.

If it were, the cures of the world ills wouldn't be so multi-layered and difficult. Just get rid of that one 'bad' thing, and everything else will fall into place. How I wish that were true.

The key to your scenario is this "he chose". Exactly. The father chose. You can't get around that one. He chose to accept what the religion taught as valid. He could have rejected it, but "he chose" not to. The bottom line is that the father chose to accept it. And thus, he behavior fell in line with what he chose.

The reality is the 'higher purpose' is what any believer assigns to their religion *if* religion and/or god(s) are man created. I believe that gods and religions are all human perceptions. As such, what they are is what man perceives and molds them to be.

Which is it? Are gods man created and thus the religions that come along with it? Or are they god created? If they are man created, who in reality has established what this 'higher calling' is? Gods? I think not. Man has. And those higher callings will continue to influence man's behavior as long as man believes in them. Reject them, and it dies.

Religion, ideas, etc. dies without supporters. Religion without followers can not nothing on its own. Religion over time has changed to meet the needs and perceptions of its believers. Some religions have indeed remained stagnant because its believers have stagnated too - and so conflict arises within the changed world.

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