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It Doesn't Say It Is Literal Or Symbolic Or Inerrant In The
Thu Nov 2, 2017 12:28pm

Bible. God gave us the knowledge and wisdom and intellect to figure it out w/o differing opinions arguing for our agreement. I explained my perspective and no one commented or explained if the snake talked.

  • Where Does It Say So in the Bible? (nm)Merlin, Thu Nov 2 10:02am
    • It doesn't.shadow, Thu Nov 2 10:59am
      Those who actually know what they're talking about because of 'education' know that the literal interpretation of the Bible means understanding it in the context of its parts, whether poetry,... more
      • The ancient civilization's ofPH💀💀EY, Thu Nov 2 5:45pm
        Central and South America literally carved these symbols of the human dilemma onto their sacrificial temples where from the heart's cavity the still beating organ was literally ripped out of the... more
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