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Cannot agree more.
Thu Nov 2, 2017 5:07pm

Unfortunately, your secular Zionist Pharasee thugs are out of control running rampant across the civilized world threatening to incarnate Atmageddon. Whether it's Iran (Persia), North Korea, or Russia ((GOG), the secular do seem to seek invocating the prophecies. Is THAT not a dichotomy? The Internationalist Zionist Globalist dream of a one world rule is a parallel, nay competition, to the prophetic rule of Christ (a Jew lest we forget) from the prophecized Divinely installed global Capitol, (Currently it's New York which as an aside is the largest greatest Jewish METCANTILE center on this earth), would suppose that the tribe which "invented" a God of One, could as easily by certain desperate conditions adopt Luciferian intentions to enact a global confrontation. The term is the Samson Option. Let's face it.... who says God's chosen are only put into placement for an easy Biblical Nirvanna? We can see the ending for this New Beginning with birth pangs of horror coming that defy contemplation. Yet, it shall come to pass. And the lion shall lie down with the lamb. " I shall put into man a new heart and a new spirit. And the things of the past shall not be remembered." Meanwhile, BUCKLE UP.

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