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The ancient civilization's of
Thu Nov 2, 2017 5:45pm

Central and South America literally carved these symbols of the human dilemma onto their sacrificial temples where from the heart's cavity the still beating organ was literally ripped out of the chest cavity, still pulsating and spurting, and tossed down those copious limestone stairs to the cheers of the people. Indeed, the snake and the dragon go hand in glove represented throughout the ancient world as fearsome and divine. It's all about sacrifice. It's all about sin and guilt. Yes, Who told us we are naked? And lest you think I grasp at straws, I cannot but suggest that the Las Vegas false flag massacre has all the symbolic elements from historical epochs of harvest, and sacrifice. Look up paddock. Look up campos. The eye of Horus was working that crowd to death. Hallow wean the harvest. What must have been a real disappointment to the perps is how relatively few were sacrificed despite all that planning and tactical equipment from hotels, helicopters, and shooters on the ground. Still, it was a greater pulse bloodletting than exacted in Orlando. St. Bernardino would be disappointed no doubt.

  • It doesn't.shadow, Thu Nov 2 10:59am
    Those who actually know what they're talking about because of 'education' know that the literal interpretation of the Bible means understanding it in the context of its parts, whether poetry,... more
    • The ancient civilization's of — PH💀💀EY, Thu Nov 2 5:45pm
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